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Logo Evolution

Have you ever wondered how our logo developed?

You may have thought that it is a combination of the first letters of our business name, and you would partly be right. There is a clear ‘J’; ‘I’ and a ‘D’. The reason they are joined together is for symbolism reasons.

Can you guess the symbol? Does it resemble something familiar?

By joining of the letter’s ‘J’; ‘I’ and ‘D’ a profile view of an elephants face is formed.

An elephant represents sovereignty and is a symbol of moral and strength. They also signify intelligence, peace and loyalty. All these characteristics embody what we believe to be important in business. We use the logo to remind us to stay grounded and strong and to put our best foot forward.

You may have noticed the gold bar at the bottom at the base of the ‘trunk’. This was added in to emphasise the link between what the elephant represents and to interior design.

Gold is the colour of optimism and positivity. It adds richness and warmth and illuminates things around it. The placement of the gold bar is to illuminate the path in front of the elephant, lighting the way to the future.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts now that you know the symbolism of our logo.

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